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South West Trains resume service into London Waterloo

South West Trains is warning of delays of up to 45 minutes on services into London Waterloo until the end of Tuesday, July 25, following a track defect.

Train Services at London Waterloo station brought to standstill

Commuters traveling to Britain's busiest rail station, London Waterloo, were advised not to attempt to travel to the capital early on Monday after a signalling fault brought services to a standstill.

Barcelona Metro workers to stage twelfth round of partial strikes on 24 July

Barcelona Metro workers plan to stage their twelfth round of partial strikes on Monday 24 July, disrupting metro services.

Rail staff to stage eight-hour strike on 24 July in Lombardy because of security

The rail union Fit Cisl Lombardia has called for an eight-hour strike on Monday, 24 July, after a conductor was stabbed in the hand on a Piacenza-Milan regional train Wednesday morning, SuedTirol News reported Saturday.

Earthquake kills at least 2 on Greek island of Kos, injures more than 100 others

A powerful earthquake sent a building crashing down on tourists at a bar on the Greek holiday island of Kos and struck panic on the nearby shores of Turkey early Friday, killing two people and injuring more than a hundred.

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